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Lacquered and decorated

Echoes of the Venetian 1700s, of the grotesque, of the Pompeian decoration, delicate flowers, scrolls and still life designs. Alternating large areas of decisive and delicate colours that combine with the grain of the wood, at times hidden, at others discreetly evident. Lacquer finishes, patinas, brushed gesso, silver leaf and gold. The combination of milk white, panna, cream, ochre, green and blue, and if necessary a sensitive aging, gives the doors of this collection a look and flavour suitable for different types of environments.

Classical or modern, country or elegant, antique residences or rustic, are just some of the environments suitable for fixtures that are made of warm and fragrant wood and of the near distant past. Brushed and aged solid wood, patinas and waxes, but also antique finishes in neutral colours. Metal accessories, finished or hand-forged, that show an eye for detail, along with discreet mouldings and decorations, mirrored panels and bosses, complete a timeless collection.

Unusual doors for unusual environments. The balance of luxury and elegance, flair and imagination blended in the refined lines, colours and materials that combine together to produce surprising results. Door-sculpture, with bold designs that can enhance a contemporary interior, opulent, minimal or characterized by brilliant and well-calibrated mixtures of styles.
Door/Window frames

To protect, filter light and give blackout, insulation from noise, heat and cold. The railings are strong and graceful, in simple and elegant wrought iron designs. Oak, pine and chestnut in natural, traditional shades or lacquers for rear doors, windows, shutters and blinds. A collection of frames to suit all tastes and adaptable to all requirements of style.

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